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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Palena Film Festiva
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Concepcion Independ
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Oaxaca FilmFest - 2
Societ Umanitaria Award - Fiorenzo Serra
Green Fest 2020 Official Selection Laure
Seleção Oficial - Entre Olhares (Positiv

Writer and photographer Osseily Hanna ("Music and Coexistence" , Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Dec. 2014) feels a strong connection to bees. He hasn't found publisher for his new book, has no future prospects for his writing career, and no security net waiting for him at home.  Yet, as he sees the rapid progress of environmental degradation of our planet, he takes a gamble: he travels to East Africa (Kenya and Uganda) in order to finish his book about environment and social inequality. In this journey, Osseily meets Simon, Kisulo, Henri, and many other inspiring people, fighting for a better future. For Osseily, everything is at stake. From his writing career, to the future of the human race.

My Little drop of Honey ​is a film about resilience, sacrifice and our relation with nature. It is a story

shadowed by imminent environmental doom, while brightened by people that fight to maintain balance with nature. It documents the struggle of a man whose disappointment with the human species makes him bound and identify with bees, albeit in a frustrating and impossible way. In his attempt to find other fellow humans that embrace an harmonious relation with nature, Osseily looks for stories of hope that he can write about.

The journey is a testament to a particularly challenging time in the life of Osseily Hanna but also of the challenges faced already today by those who he encounters. It is a journey of joy, and frustration, where hope struggles to find its way to the surface.

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Directe by: Daniel M Silva; Cinematography: Daniel M Silva; Graphic design:Bruno roda; Sound design and mix: Camilla Angelbo Hansen; Location sound:  Daniel M Silva; Editing: Daniel M Silva; Production management on location: Daniel M Silva & Osseily Hanna

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