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Música Amada

For centuries, a vast collection of Portuguese musical pieces starting from the XVI's century was forgotten in historical archives. Not only this music had never been recorded, in most cases, it hadn't even been transposed to the modern notation system. This collection of music works, with immense cultural value, was simply left abandoned, unknown by musicians and public alike. 


In recent years, however, under a renewed academic interest, Portuguese musicians started turning their attention to this music. Its beauty, and incredible cultural value, drew the interest of a group of professional musicians (Polyphōnos Ensemble) and academics. 


Having the purpose of premiering the recording of this music, and performing it live for the public, in the fall of 2021, a project called "Música Amada" was created. The title, chosen in reference to a poem included in "Lusíadas", by Luís de Camões, also gave name to this documentary, a film where the challenges, goals and philosophy behind this music are revealed. 


"Música Amada" (Beloved Music) gives the audience an understanding of the context on which this music was originally written, while also allowing a glimpse into the process of premiering and recording these works in contemporary society, revealing unique moments between people who share one thing in common: their love for music.

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Directed by: Daniel M Silva; Cinematography: Daniel M Silva; Camera operators: Daniel M. Silva, Alexandre Natale, André Quendera, João Descalço.  Sound design and mix:  José Canário Bica; Location sound:  Daniel M Silva; Editing: Daniel M Silva; Production management  Daniel M Silva 

Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal. Production date: 1 May 2022.

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